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The-Archive's Site Information:

The-Archive is another non-profit preservation and digital archiving group which focuses on an updated, well sorted and perfect metadata archiving solution for digital media. We strive for long term, multiple storage medium archive for a various range of content from websites, books, games, software, video, audio and ideas. We serve a range of our content collections via Google Team Drives, although being private, all users are fully allowed to clone and re-upload any of our files to other locations. For security reasons, we are unable to give everyone access to our collections, but we publish rare and obscure content via torrents and open directories. We currently have over 1PB (1,000 TB+) stored on Google Drive with a file count in the hundreds of millions.

Why we do what we do:

90% of films made before 1929 are lost to time, many research papers and books are completely vanished from the internet or physical copies seize to exist. We at The-Archive care about these files, no matter how obscure, how crude or how controversial, we want it archived. As put by fellow Digital Preservation Group, The-eye.eu; "Our mission is preserve pieces of digital history. We are digital librarians."

Our History:

The-Archive started as a small group to collect, dump and rip handheld and console ROMs. We quickly obtained full collections of these systems and related media with the assistance of Metadata databases such as No-Intro, Redump and TOSEC. We then ran into a dilemma. We had amassed so much content, with such a high standard, we decided to branch out to other mediums. This is where we're at today. Collecting, persevering and sorting millions of files a year. Just like Archive.org, The-eye and many other archive groups. We solely rely on donations and don't run ads or sell user information to any third party. We actually don't even collect information as we believe in a free and anonymous internet. Our current costs for our services exceeds past $100.00 USD a month thus any donation of any amount if thankful. We host all our discussions on our Private Discord server, if you would like to join. Please make sure you share similar beliefs and are willing to assist in our digital preservation projects. If you'd like to know what major projects were currently working on, please view the forums and the wiki page for more information. (Note, these projects make up less than 1% of our entire workload, these are our fully planned projects willing to be released sometime soon).

If you feel like donating, here are our donation addresses and our contact information can be found at the top of the webpage.

Bitcoin: 1BihM1CTxc6yHCfwYBQBdPjThwsqcEchNH

Litecoin: LLyYRTWDejKBdxyFw96pWz8rNjpFxg5uRm

Ethereum: 0x5fB64c1ef8374a538449F60F7EA15f1C648adaa2

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