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Site Information:

The-Archive is a dedicated group of people focused on digital media archival and preservation. Our goals very much line up with that of the Internet Archive just on a smaller scale and with other smaller more niche projects generally not considered. We do our best to archive a range of content such as websites, books, games, software, video, audio, and others. We often attempt to publish our more rare and obscure content via torrents and open directories, however, in the case this is not available, feel free to contact us and inquire about any content you would like to see.

Why we do what we do:

Ninety percent of films made before 1929 have been completely lost to time, many research papers and books have completely vanished from the internet and physical copies cease to exist. We at The-Archive want to make this loss of data a thing of the past and ensure that any data of value or not is archived and continues to always be available. Every time you go to find a YouTube video that you used to be fond of as a child there is a chance that that video no longer available. Don't take the internet for granted. Not everything on the internet lasts forever like we are told.

Our History:

The-Archive started the same place as anywhere else. Roms. However, we eventually realized that we had a group of people with all sorts of interests outside of roms and that we were all tired of seeing things related to our interests no longer be publicly available. Whether it be dead links or broken downloads, we didn't want to see it, and so, we shifted focus to a broader scale. This is where we're at today. Collecting and preserving millions of files every year. If you are interested in what we do, have content that you are wanting to share, or just want to donate to us to help us out, please contact us and we would love to work something out with you. Our current server and service costs exceed $100.00/month so any donations would be greatly appreciated.